It's not what you know. It's who you know.
And who they know.

Welcome to 6DOS (six degrees of separation), the networking tool for today’s busy sales professionals.

We are currently in a Private Alpha. If you would like to apply, click below.

Your network is yours, and always will be.

You've spent a lifetime building relationships. At 6DOS, your privacy is paramount.

Your connections will never be shared with others without your express permission.
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It takes a village. Build yours.

Create your 6DOS network

Download your LinkedIn data as a baseline. 6DOS will help you sort the randoms from the winners. Whitelist contacts you’d like to remain invisible, like your bestie Lebron James. 

Request introductions

Kindly and professionally ask your Circle’s members for introductions to target decision makers in their networks you can now see. Provide some context as to why you’d like an introduction. 

View your Circle's connections

Ask your team to join your 6DOS circle, and see the power of 6DOS in action. Your organization has never had a tool like this. With 6DOS you can answer to the question, “Who do WE know?”

No spam. No newsfeeds.

You won’t receive 6DOS connection requests from someone you’ve never met; they will only come from those already in one or more of your Circles. You will never see junky newsfeeds, ads or spam.

What are people saying?

I spend 50% of my day using online tools for sales and prospecting and nothing does this!! How soon will it be ready?

Alpha Customer
Director SALES
I can't tell you how excited we are. We have not had an effective way to leverage our organization's collective "Rolodex". This is going to be a game changer for our sales and executive team.
Alpha Customer
SVP sales

Try 6DOS for yourself.

Free during Private Alpha. Help us shape 6DOS into the sales networking tool of the future.

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